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Tax Alert | New Brunswick Property Tax Deadline Approaching

Tax Development Feb 02, 2024

The appeal deadline for 2024 New Brunswick property tax assessments is rapidly approaching. Property owners who wish to challenge their assessment must file a request for review by February 14, 2024.

Key Considerations

This year marks the first time that notices were sent out in January, a departure from past years where assessment notices were sent out in October. New Brunswick is implementing significant changes to its Assessment Act, with the goal of modernizing and restructuring provincial property assessment services.

The market value base date for the 2024 assessment cycle is January 1, 2024. However, starting in 2025, under the restructuring noted above, property owners will receive assessment notices based on their property’s status as of January 1 of the preceding year.

There are several reasons property owners should consider appealing their property tax assessment, including construction updates to the property, inaccurate valuations, changes to regulations, and other relevant circumstances affecting the value of a property. Current property values have also been impacted by inflation, higher tax rates, and ongoing market disruptions such as the lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Ryan Can Help

Our team of tax professionals is ready to assist you with your property tax assessment. Whether you need guidance on assessment reviews, help filing an appeal, or legal representation, our team of experts has more than 45 years of experience reviewing assessments and managing administrative reviews for all types of properties. We can help ensure that your property tax assessment is accurate and fair. If you are seeking a second opinion on your assessment, Ryan offers a complimentary review.