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Government Grants and Incentives

Ryan cuts through the complexities of the funding identification and application procedure to unlock substantial financial government benefits and incentives.

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Government Grants and Incentives Services

Each year, the Canadian federal and provincial governments provide financial support to corporations exceeding $37 billion, and the number of new government initiatives to facilitate business growth across all sectors and industries is increasing. Despite the diverse number of funding programs available, accessing these programs has historically been a challenge for businesses. Many programs have complicated terms and conditions, lengthy application and submission processes, stringent compliance requirements, and strict deadlines. The programs are also evolving continuously, with new program phasing in and legacy programs phasing out, requiring ongoing monitoring.

Ryan’s Government Grants and Incentives practice simplifies the process, helping you navigate the complexities of the funding identification and application procedure to substantially increase the chances of success and unlock substantial financial benefits. Our comprehensive funding service deploys a team of professional consultants with a broad depth of expertise to help clients tap into more than the 500 grant, loan, and tax credit programs available to businesses across Canada.

Strategic Objectives

Canadian federal and provincial government funding programs focus on five strategic objectives, including: 

Business Expansion

  • Product commercialization
  • Market research, business intelligence, and marketing strategy development
  • Expansion into new international markets

Capital Investment

  • Facility purchase, construction, expansion, or renovation
  • Plant, machinery and equipment purchases including software, installation, and commissioning
  • Enterprise software deployment (e.g., CRM, ERP)
  • Advanced manufacturing technology investments

Human Resources Development

  • Hiring new staff
  • Skill development and training

Innovation Development

  • Research and development into new products or processes
  • Collaboration between businesses, academia, and research institutions
  • Productivity improvements
  • Film, television, and digital media production

Environmental Technologies

  • Technologies that address the challenges of clean resources and providing more energy-efficient solutions

Our Approach

Using a best-in-class business and client service methodology, Ryan’s professionals develop a clear understanding of your strategic objectives, and then proactively collaborate with you to translate project details into a compelling application aligned with grants program eligibility criteria and goals. Using a four-step full-service process, Ryan’s team develops applications from start to finish, effectively releasing your resources to focus on their core competencies.

Ryan Expertise

Ryan has proven to be a valuable partner for all our government funding needs. They have not only helped us with government grants, but also increased our SR&ED claims while improving our relationship with the CRA.
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