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Scientific Research and Experimental Development

Ryan’s Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) practice has a proven history of delivering substantial results backed by a solid reputation with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

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Scientific Research and Experimental Development Services

The Canadian government has taken a leadership role in supporting research and development through its Scientific Research & Experimental Development program (commonly referred to as SR&ED). SR&ED is now Canada’s largest incentive program benefiting businesses of all sizes across all industry sectors in their quest to develop new or improved products and processes, in a lab or on the shop floor.

Ryan’s team of professional consultants has vast expertise in all fields of science and finance. The in-depth knowledge and experience of our experts, backed by our comprehensive approach, will help you fully understand the program and its subtleties, uncover all eligible projects, and optimize your claim within the CRA guidelines. We will also prepare all of the documentation and forms, alleviating the time pressures on your internal resources, and allowing you to focus on your core business.

Ryan’s premiere SR&ED practice:

  • Is on the cutting edge of developments in our field, continuously improving our proprietary tools, methodologies, and approach.
  • Delivers internationally-recognized expertise and world-class client service to provide a friendly, professional experience and superior results.
  • Hires and develops the best engineers and tax experts in the industry.
  • Provides clients with access to a proprietary documentation system powered by DOVICO software.
  • Serves clients in all industries from coast to coast across Canada.
  • Consistently produces high quality SR&ED claims.
  • Maintains a solid reputation of professionalism and trust with the CRA.
  • Helps rebuild credibility with the CRA when a company has had a bad review or experience with a prior claim, including providing tools to assist in meeting compliance requirements with the program going forward.
  • Defends claims prepared by other companies and competing firms.

Industries Served

  • Construction
  • Consumer Products
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Financial Services
  • Food Services
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • IT and Telecommunications
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas

SR&ED Services

At Ryan, our professionals rely on expertise, experience, and skilled execution to offer the most comprehensive suite of Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) services available in the industry, including:

  • SR&ED claim preparation in all jurisdictions and areas of technology;
  • SR&ED documentation review and implementation;
  • Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit preparation in all provinces;
  • SR&ED claim defence; and
  • Seamless Canadian, U.S., and European R&D Claim Preparation.

Selecting a professional, ethical, and experienced firm such as Ryan for SR&ED support has never been more important. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) rightly continues to evolve the SR&ED program by raising their expected standards of quality in claims being submitted, hiring additional reviewers, clarifying the guidelines, and improving the T661 form to ensure taxpayer compliance. The CRA is also increasing the number of claims reviewed and denied for projects that do not qualify, or fail to be supported by adequate contemporaneous documentation. Ryan professionals understand our client's technological advancements and powerfully communicate them in a robust, CRA-prescribed technical report. Our financial experts work alongside engineers and scientists to understand the costing and documentation required to file your claim in compliance with the government's guidelines.

Competitive Advantage

The Ryan SR&ED difference is our commitment to providing clients with:

Seamless and Effortless Experience

  • Robust claims completed entirely by Ryan, requiring very little interruption of client workflow
  • Multi-disciplinary team approach: our engineers issue all technical reports, and our accountants prepare all costing and tax schedules
  • Comprehensive service, so clients can focus on core business


  • More than ten years of industry excellence
  • Ryan’s reputation, expertise, and insight are driving continuous improvement in SR&ED programs and policies through active participation in industry panels and working groups across Canada

Industry-Leading Claim Success

  • Audit rate of only 4% – one-ninth of the industry average
  • No-cost defence work: we stand behind our results
  • Proven track record: 100% claim success

Exclusive Documentation Solution

  • Compliance-focused deliverables
  • Technical support: Ryan offers a system that tracks relevant technical supporting information to our clients at no cost

Quarterly Reviews

  • On-going client contact to ensure preparation of claims as the year progresses, information remains fresh and accessible, and all eligible costs are captured

Ryan’s documentation solution accurately captures all SR&ED eligible activities and costs throughout the year with minimal effort and disruption to employees’ regular activities.

Ryan Expertise

Ryan’s expertise and professionalism are well respected at the Canada Revenue Agency. They provide tremendous value and optimize our SR&ED claims within the guidelines and quality standards set forth by the CRA.
Barbara Baron Chief Financial Officer, Strategic Information Technology, Ltd.

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