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The Ohio commercial real estate market can be complex and difficult to navigate. Local boards of education take an active role in the real estate tax arena, and local expertise is critical when attempting to negotiate with their legal representation. Further, the recently passed House Bill 126 has injected a significant amount of uncertainty into the future of Ohio’s real estate valuation and taxation fundamentals.

Property values across the state of Ohio have remained largely underassessed for decades. Counties perform a scheduled reassessment once every three years, but value increases resulting from these scheduled reappraisals have typically been modest. Historically, the most significant catalyst that would cause a property owner to experience a large increase in their tax bill would be a recent arm’s length sale of the property. Boards of education in Ohio are very aggressive at chasing these sales and lobbying for value increases. Frequently, taxpayers in Ohio would spend substantial amounts of money hiring attorneys and appraisers to combat these increase complaints. House Bill 126 has changed a number of key tenets of this process to the benefit of the taxpayers, but it may take months or even years to determine the full impact of this new law.

Ryan’s Ohio experts are available to assist property owners with annual reviews and provide an understanding of the potential future tax implications of their acquisitions. They are well versed statewide in preacquisition due diligence tax estimates for existing properties and new construction projects and can provide assistance to owners navigating pilot and other abatement programs. Ryan clients rely on the local team to help them understand the full scope of annual assessment reviews and ensure their properties are assessed fairly to remain competitive in the market.

Number of Ohio Sites Represented:
Ohio Client Property Tax Savings Realized in Last Two Years:
$7.1 Million
Ohio Fair Market Value Represented:
$14 Billion
Ohio Market Experience:
20+ Years
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Ohio Property Tax Deadlines

Below are the local Ohio property tax deadlines. If you are interested in property tax deadlines for other states, please view our U.S. Property Tax Calendar.


Lien Date

January 1
Real Property Information

Assessment Notice Issue Date

Varies by county

Appeal Deadline

March 31; Informal appeal for counties may be available when it is in a triennial year (varies by county)
Real Estate Tax Bill Payment Information

Tax Bills Issued

Varies by county

Single Payment Due (Delinquent Date)

Date Not Applicable

First Installment Due (Delinquent Date)

Varies by county

Second Installment Due (Delinquent Date)

Varies by county
Personal Property Information
Personal property not taxable in Ohio

Ohio Real Estate Ryan Contact

Wan Kyu Park
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Ryan’s Ohio Property Tax Experts

Ryan’s property tax experts are uniquely positioned to help organizations understand the complexities of multiple tax jurisdictions and their different approaches to valuing and assessing all property types. Our property tax team represents property owners across every industry, with an average of more than 20 years of experience.

Ken Hartman


For more than 20 years, Ken has assisted clients in resolving various property tax issues. Specializing in the valuation, assessment, taxation, and exemption of real and personal property on a state and local level, especially in Cook County (Chicago), Ken has extensive experience in advising clients in the multifamily sector. By assembling a specialized team to support the client, Ken will work with our national practice to make sure that we are aggressively reviewing every property on an annual basis.

Wan Kyu Park


Wan Kyu specializes in providing real estate valuation and ad valorem tax appeal services focused on all types of commercial real estate property, including office, multifamily, retail, industrial, and hospitality. As the previous Ohio district handler for commercial properties, he was responsible for the annual review of more than 2,000 properties for real property tax appeal opportunities. He has several degrees, including a Master of Accountancy degree from Case Western Reserve University, a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of New Hampshire, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Sogang University.

Cory Harless

Senior Manager

Cory joined Ryan in 2013 as part of the Thomson Reuters Property Tax Services acquisition and has experience in real estate valuation and tax appeal services for all sectors of commercial real estate. After working for four years in commercial real estate private equity consulting for StepStone Group, a publicly traded private markets consultancy, Cory returned to Ryan in 2021 to support Wan Kyu Park in managing the Ohio team. In his role as Senior Manager, he spearheads the annual review of Ohio properties for Ryan’s clients and fosters the growth of junior team members. Cory graduated from Miami University with a bachelor’s degree in finance in 2011.

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