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Ryan’s Property Tax Newsletter provides you with the latest in property tax developments, appeal deadlines by region, and access to a variety of valuable resources to help you minimize your tax liabilities.


December 2022

  • French Property Taxes
  • Colorado Property Tax Reassessment
  • South Carolina Exemption Application
  • Nevada Property Tax Appeal
  • Hawaii Assessment

November 2022

  • Florida Property Tax
  • Platform
  • Local Expertise
  • Oklahoma Production Tax Credits
  • Inflation Reduction Act

October 2022

  • NYC Commercial Rent Tax
  • Delaware Reassessments
  • Local Expertise
  • Georgia Budget Challenges
  • Reappraisals in Arkansas

September 2022

  • New York New Hotel Conversion Bill
  • Local Expertise
  • Renewable Energy Market
  • Dallas Office Market
  • Los Angeles Transfer Tax Hike

August 2022

  • Market Adjusted Cap Rates
  • Local Expertise
  • Houston Apartment Assessments
  • Illinois Property Taxes Hike
  • Industrial Markets Adjust

July 2022

  • NYC Property Tax Break
  • Local Expertise
  • Chicago Transfer Tax Increase
  • Florida Assessment Increases

June 2022

  • Reverse Tax Appeals Impact
  • Local Expertise
  • Denver’s Housing Affordability Policy
  • Mecklenburg County Reassessment
  • Chicago Business Property Value

May 2022

  • Allegheny County, PA Lawsuit
  • Triple Net Leased Properties
  • CO New Property Tax Legislation
  • Austin TX Multifamily Outlook Report
  • Philadelphia 2023 Assessments

April 2022

  • Cook County, IL Property Tax Bills
  • MN Low-Income Rental Housing
  • Canada Data Center Assessment
  • Commercial Property Maintenance
  • MD Income and Expense

March 2022

  • CA: Pending Challenge Proposition 13
  • Nassau County, NY Grievance Period
  • Knoxville, TN Property Tax Increases
  • Keep Assessments Down to Earth
  • City of Milwaukee 2022 Revaluation

February 2022

  • WI Manufacturing Appeal Deadline
  • OH Real Property Formal Complaint
  • Student Housing Property Industry
  • Real Estate Assessment Comparison
  • NYC Property Taxes Appeal Deadline

January 2022

  • CA Proposed Ballot Initiatives
  • MD Commercial Property Increases
  • OH HB 126
  • Prepare for Great Tax Snapback 2022
  • NYC Hotel Property Taxes

December 2021

  • West Virginia Reassessment Notices
  • French Property Tax Appeals
  • Philadelphia Reassessment Plan
  • COVID-19 Impact on Property Values

November 2021

  • Puerto Rico Property Tax Relief
  • CO Voters Reject Proposition 120
  • NYC Hotel Property Tax Assessments
  • Virginia Supreme Court Decision

October 2021

  • Arlington County TOT Tax Changes
  • Future of the Hospitality Industry
  • King County, WA Appeals Process
  • Maryland Property Tax Appeals
  • Shelby County, TN Reappraisal Cycle

September 2021

  • Hurricane Ida Disaster-Related Relief
  • Future of Hospitality Industry
  • Tax Treatment to Your Assets
  • European Property Tax Appeal

August 2021

  • Cook County, IL 2020 Updates
  • Florida Commercial Property Tax
  • New Castle County, DE Revaluation
  • Amendment 27 Colorado Ballot
  • Dark Store Theory

July 2021

  • Fulton County, GA 2021 Assessments
  • Shelby County Historic Reappraisal
  • Commercial Real Estate Lending
  • Illinois House Bill 0860 Fails to Pass
  • Ryan-Sponsored NREI Podcast

June 2021

  • AZ Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
  • PA Tax Equalization Board
  • OH COVID-19 Property Tax Relief
  • CO's Bill to Reduce Property Taxes
  • Commercial Real Estate Trends

May 2021

  • CO Bills Impact Property Owners
  • NYC New Hearing Procedures
  • Virginia Real Estate Tax Change
  • Impact of Foreign Buyers on CRE
  • Ryan-Sponsored NREI Podcast

April 2021

  • Update on NYC Tax Commission
  • San Francisco County Tax Relief
  • D.C. Extends Tax Appeal Deadline
  • California Warehouse Property Fees
  • Ryan-Sponsored NREI Podcast

March 2021

  • Colorado Property Tax Savings
  • D.C. Income and Expense Report
  • Ohio Property Tax Deadline
  • Tennessee Properties Reassessment
  • Solano County Tax Relief

January 2021

  • Student Housing
  • Midwest
  • DC
  • PropertyPoint
  • Seniors Housing

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