Property Tax

Ryan’s Property Tax Newsletter provides you with the latest in property tax developments, appeal deadlines by region, and access to a variety of valuable resources to help you minimize your tax liabilities.


April 2024

  • Local Expertise
  • Chicago Transfer Tax Bill
  • Alabama Commercial Property Tax
  • Texas Commercial Appeal Deadline

March 2024

  • Local Expertise
  • New York Valuation Increases
  • West Virginia Sunset Clause
  • Minnesota Tax Court

February 2024

  • Ohio Commercial Real Estate
  • Arlington, VA Property Assessments
  • Georgia Property Tax Assessments
  • NYC Property Tax Assessment

January 2024

  • Bisnow and Ryan Report
  • Massachusetts Proposed Bill
  • Local Expertise
  • New York City Tax Commission

December 2023

  • New Jersey’s Commercial Real Estate
  • Minnesota Property Tax Update
  • Local Expertise
  • Ohio Commercial Property Appeal

November 2023

  • Green Energy Industry Tax Savings
  • Local Expertise
  • Chicago’s 2024 Budget
  • Connecticut Revaluation 2023

October 2023

  • King County Assessed Value
  • Student Housing Tax Strategies
  • Local Expertise
  • Tax Abatements in North Dakota

September 2023

  • Delaware House Bill 62
  • Local Expertise
  • Hawaii Maui County Damage Claims
  • Pennsylvania School Funding

August 2023

  • Wake County, NC Tax Rates Increase
  • Connecticut Revaluations Underway
  • Colorado Valuation Appeals
  • California Court of Appeals

July 2023

  • Wisconsin Legislative Deal
  • Valuable Assets Opportunity
  • Utah Valuation Appeal Season
  • Florida Senate Bill 102

June 2023

  • Allegheny County Equalization Ratios
  • More Valuable Assets Opportunity
  • Washington, D.C. Fair Market Value
  • Mississippi Appeal Deadline
  • Illinois Property Tax Appeal

May 2023

  • Los Angeles Mansion Tax Lawsuits
  • Valuable Assets Opportunity
  • Nebraska Property Tax Appeals
  • Missouri Property Tax Appeal
  • Illinois Property Valuations Increases

April 2023

  • Colorado Commercial Property Tax
  • More Opportunity
  • Alabama Appeal Deadlines
  • Indiana Appeal Deadline
  • Tennessee Commercial Properties

March 2023

  • New Mexico Real Estate Appeal
  • 2023 Renewable Energy Outlook
  • Local Expertise
  • Women in Commercial Real Estate
  • Iowa Commercial Property Increases

February 2023

  • Los Angeles “Mansion Tax”
  • Missouri Property Tax Revaluation
  • Colorado Real Estate Assessment
  • Local Expertise
  • South Dakota Valuations

January 2023

  • Chesterfield County, Virginia Ruling
  • Denver Mill Levy Property Increase
  • Local Expertise
  • Mecklenburg County Revaluation
  • Student Housing Industry

December 2022

  • French Property Taxes
  • Colorado Property Tax Reassessment
  • South Carolina Exemption Application
  • Nevada Property Tax Appeal
  • Hawaii Assessment

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