Featured Industry Expertise

Ryan’s Property Tax practice has the depth and breadth of industry expertise in nearly every jurisdiction to minimize tax liabilities. We work with owners, asset managers, developers, and property managers to apply innovative tax-saving opportunities.

We deliver unmatched expertise in the specialized and varied areas of property tax consulting, compliance, and appeals for most types of property, including:

  • Centrally Assessed Property
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Complex Property
  • Leased Property
  • Business Personal Property

Ryan’s industry-leading team of highly skilled professionals is uniquely quali­fied to ensure property tax reporting is accurate and in full compliance with the law, property values are fair, and tax assessments are correctly levied. Ryan aggressively pursues appropriate remedies to issues affecting the property tax responsibilities and liabilities of our clients. In short, we protect our clients’ interests as if they were our own.

Industry Expertise

 Automobile Leasing

Our experts are equipped to help you navigate the increasingly complex issues surrounding the personal property liabilities faced in the automobile leasing industry.


Representing all aspects of chemicals and plastics, including commodity and specialty chemicals, agricultural products, industrial gases, and additives and catalysts, we ensure the lowest possible property tax liabilities.

 Commercial Real Estate

Our experts work with owners, asset managers, developers, property managers, real estate investment trusts (REITs), and property types spanning the industry.

 Cooperative Industry

Our experts ensure you are capturing all available exemptions, reporting taxable assets in the most favorable useful life, and identifying areas of obsolescence associated with rising costs, aging technology, and assets scheduled for retirement.

 Data Centers

Through industry-leading valuation techniques, our experts ensure our clients pay no more than their fair share of both real and personal property taxes associated with co-location and enterprise data center properties.


Our energy clients include investor-owned utilities and nonregulated and regulated electric generation and gas distribution companies. We also serve companies in the emerging and dynamic alternative energy sectors of wind, solar, biofuels, and geothermal.

 Equipment Rental and Leasing

As the equipment rental and leasing industry has grown, property taxes have become increasingly complex, and tax structures are more diverse. Our experts can help navigate the property tax challenges faced in this industry.

 Financial and Insurance

Providing commercial property tax services for all financial property types, including banking, financial, and insurance headquarters, as well as real estate-owned (REO) and troubled assets, our experts deliver innovative tax-saving opportunities that substantially reduce your property tax bill.


Healthcare property tax can involve extremely complex processes handled by numerous systems and internal departments. Our experts provide innovative solutions and recommendations to mitigate your property tax burden.

 Hospitality, Hotels, and Resorts

Offering vast experience and knowledge working with large national hospitality companies, regional hotels, timeshares, and resorts, our experts have a thorough grasp of the complexities surrounding the hospitality industry’s unique economic environment and tax valuation considerations.


Our experts assist manufacturing companies in a wide variety of segments, including consumer and industrial products, high tech, building materials, food, aerospace, and automotive. Each of these segments has unique issues and characteristics that influence complex property tax assessments.


Our experts provide services to virtually all mining industries, including aluminum, coal, limestone, aggregates, non-ferrous metals, precious metals, and uranium. Our services include all mine and reserves facilities—crushing, separation, mixing, smelting, and refining.

 Multifamily Housing

Offering in-depth knowledge and expertise within the multifamily industry, Ryan’s specialized representation in this market provides our clients innovative strategies and targeted best practices for reducing their ad valorem taxes.

 Oil and Gas

Our experience and expertise, coupled with our proprietary oil and gas system, provide our oil and gas clients a professional and comprehensive approach to managing the property tax function, whether the need is local or national, for production as well as pipelines, processing equipment, or refineries.

 Renewable Energy

Understanding and applying industry metrics and trends are essential to managing the burden of renewable energy property taxes. We know the highly volatile and ever-changing market demands faced by your specialized industry as well as any changes in tax law because of tax reform.

 Research and Development

Our experts understand the unique challenges of valuing research and development facilities such as biotechnology laboratories, prototype development centers, pilot plants, and engineering and testing centers for life sciences, biopharmaceuticals, electronics, and defense systems.

 Residential Property Services

Our multidisciplined consultants and professionals provide proven planning strategies, acute valuation analysis, and results-driven property tax appeal representation for a wide variety of residential sectors with complex and unique properties.


With a deep understanding of the unique property tax compliance challenges and market dynamics of the retail industry, our custom compliance solutions can ease these challenges and increase efficiencies.

 Student Housing

Ryan’s considerable experience within the student housing industry and specialized representation in this niche market provide our clients the best strategies for reducing their tax liabilities.


Our experts provide services for major telecommunication providers, representing clients in all sectors of the communications industry, including wireline, wireless, and cable, to resolve a wide variety of valuation challenges.


Our clients include major U.S. airlines, including several regional carriers, as well as interstate railroads and pipelines. Our expertise, coupled with thorough supportable work, has enabled us to assist in effectively managing complex property tax liabilities for clients in these difficult and often volatile operating environments.

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