Site Selection

Choosing a favorable location for your business can be a significant competitive advantage. Effective site selection mitigates risk, reduces cost, and avoids potential adverse short- and long-term conditions. From the beginning of the development process, Ryan’s site selection teams play a significant role in planning and defining a detailed evaluation of each project’s needs. We partner with local and regional governments and economic development organizations to secure a variety of tax and relocation incentives that benefit both the community and our client. Our team assists with negotiation and compliance to ensure each project receives maximum benefit and meets its specified obligations.

Ryan's Site Selection Services

 Conducting market studies
 Defining project scope and criteria
 Evaluating local and regional government proposals
 Incentive compliance
 Negotiating incentives
 Research and community analysis
 Vetting qualified brokerage firms

Common Site Selection Considerations

 Labor markets
 Political climate
 Site and building suitability
 Site preparation
 Supply chain needs
 Transportation and infrastructure
 Utility infrastructure
 Workforce training and resources

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