COVID-19 Updates

All of us have been impacted to some degree by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and are making changes in our daily lives as we adjust to the new normal. It is also important that taxpayers make every effort to file and pay their taxes based on the currently published deadlines. State and local governments continue to update and develop their policies daily, and failing to pay obligations on time comes with consequences.

Rest assured Ryan will continue to monitor official announcements and developments daily. These developments include extensions of filings and payments, updates on penalties and interest, and closures of revenue agencies and legislatures. Our state-by-state matrix of these developments can be accessed below and will be updated regularly.

If you are considering making a tax decision that may be impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, we recommend that you seek formal advice from a knowledgeable tax professional.
Ryan offers no assurance that the information contained in these summaries is not subject to change or that a local taxing jurisdiction might disagree with our interpretation and treat the tax situation differently.
Ryan believes that the below summaries are accurate, but these items will change over time, and clients are advised to seek independent verification of each item.
Ryan advises you to seek professional tax advice directly from the affected taxing jurisdiction, or from a knowledgeable tax professional, before executing your tax plan.

U.S. Tax Department Operations by Jurisdiction

U.S. Tax Filing Extensions by Jurisdiction

U.S. Property Tax Extensions by Jurisdiction

Canadian Tax Filing Extensions by Jurisdiction

Canadian Property Tax Payment Extensions

COVID-19 News & Insights (United States)

  • Pay Your Taxes Timely (White Paper)

    Oftentimes during a business crisis, taxpayers overlook their obligations to pay taxes due. Some businesses that find themselves in a cash shortage forget that trustee taxes (sales and payroll taxes) are not the taxpayers’ funds but money that belongs to the government. As government property, they must be remitted timely. Failure to remit trustee taxes, many times, results in severe penalties and sanctions with little to no relief. Read more...

  • Louisiana Legislature (Tax Development)

    Louisiana Governor Suspends All Legal Deadlines; Legislature Recessed until March 31, 2020


    On Monday, March 16, 2020, Governor John Bel Edwards issued Proclamation Number JBE 2020-30. The Proclamation suspends all legal deadlines, including administrative agencies and boards, “…until at least Monday, April 13, 2020.” This includes Title 47 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes, which deals with revenue and taxation. Therefore, this will be applicable to the Louisiana Board of Tax Appeals and the Louisiana Department of Revenue. Read more...

COVID-19 News & Insights (Canada)

  • Ontario’s Action Plan: Responding to COVID-19

    On March 25, 2020, the Ontario government released a one-year economic and fiscal plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The province’s plan focuses on responding to the ongoing pandemic in a manner that protects the health of residents and the economy of Ontario. Read more...

  • Provincial COVID-19 Economic Response Plans (Tax Development)

    Following the Government of Canada’s announcement of its COVID-19 Economic Response Plan on March 18, 2020, several provinces and territories have announced tax relief measures in relation to the pandemic.  Below you will find Ryan’s analysis of significant initiatives recently announced by British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta, and the Northwest Territories. Read more...

  • COVID-19 Economic Response Plans (Tax Development)

    On March 18, 2020, the Government of Canada announced its COVID-19 Economic Response Plan. Under this plan, a commitment was made to provide roughly $27 billion in monetary support to all Canadians. A number of these commitments apply to Canadian workers, while others focus on helping Canadian businesses deal with the economic implications of the Coronavirus pandemic. To date, Québec and Saskatchewan have also announced specific COVID-19 related tax relief measures, with announcements by other provincial jurisdictions expected in the coming days. Read more...

  • Charities Directorate (Tax Development)

    The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) recently released the notice Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Charities Directorate with details on filing deadline extensions for charities.  Charities with a T3010, “Registered Charity Information Return” due between March 18, 2020 and December 31, 2020, will have their filing deadline extended to December 31, 2020.   The filing extension has been made as part of the Government of Canada’s Economic Action Plan.  This extension recognizes that charities will be focusing their resources on assisting Canadians as they deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and will likely require more time to complete their returns.

    The CRA also advises charities to register for the secure online My Business Account service to access new digital services available to them while the Charities Directorate’s operations are suspended.