Digital Access to Your Property Tax Values and Bills

TaxFeed is an online data delivery service that helps you easily process your property tax assessments and bills without opening the mail or manually entering data into your tax software. We gather your property tax data from assessors and collectors, standardize it across jurisdictions, and make it available to you in a convenient data table.

Key Features

  • Allows access to property tax data in an easy-to-use online portal
  • Timely and accurate digital delivery helps reduce reliance on paper mail delivery
  • Standardizes data across jurisdictions to improve consistency
  • Built to fit your property tax process, in the file format you need
  • Information comes straight from assessors and collectors, ensuring reliability
  • Automates property tax bill reconciliation
  • Stores assessment and bill images in an online document library linked to parcel records
  • Tracks delivery dates, deadlines, and status for each of your parcels


  • Avoid missed deadlines because of delayed mail or internal inefficiencies
  • Reduce manual data entry, so your team can focus on value-add projects
  • Improve budgeting and forecasting with consistent and comprehensive data

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