Indirect Tax Rate Software

RatePoint® is your single-source solution for tax rate lookup and monitoring needs.

Tax Rate Verticals Supported

  • Sales and use taxes
  • Prescription
  • Beer-retail
  • Food-general
  • Liquor-retail
  • Construction (Colorado only)
  • Auto-general
  • Clothing-essential (New York only)
  • Rental-general
  • Food-prepared
  • Alcohol-premise
  • Beer-premise
  • Wine-premise
  • Remote-seller
  • Manufacturing machinery
  • Manufacturing components
  • Rental-auto short term
  • Rental-commercial lease

Rate Lookup

  • Allows users to query tax rates with location filters, such as state, county, city, and zip. Users can select the desired jurisdiction from a list of possible results. The optional geospatial engine can drive rooftop rate analysis with a standard address or latitude/longitude coordinates even if a U.S. postal service address is not available.

Real-Time Integration

  • Web service Application Programming Interface (API) to facilitate seamless integrations with other systems that can call for a tax rate [i.e., E-commerce, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), point of sale, and other billing platforms].

Tax Rate Data Exporting

  • Changes in rates month over month can be exported in CSV or XML formats for all the rates contained in the system or just those that are mapped to your locations.

Location Monitoring

  • Users can create companies and sub-companies for which locations can be imported. Upon import, the application will automatically map as many locations as possible to the appropriate tax jurisdiction. Mapped locations will then be associated with those tax jurisdictions, allowing users to monitor their mapped locations for rate changes.

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