Exemption Certificate Management

Exemption Certificate Outsourcing

Harness the multistate sales and use tax expertise of Ryan’s trained professionals to streamline the collection, review, and validation of tax certificates.

Why Outsource Exemption Certificate Compliance? 

Missing or expired exemption certificates are “low-hanging fruit” for state auditors and have resulted in multimillion-dollar assessments. Instead of waiting until an audit to collect certificates, when those customers may have been acquired or gone out of business, leverage Ryan’s outsourced service to relieve your company from the time-consuming and error-prone task of collecting, validating, renewing, and reporting exemption certificates.

  • Do you lack the resources and expertise to collect, validate, and report on exemption certificates?
    • Harness the multistate sales and use tax expertise of Ryan’s trained professionals to collect and review exemption certificates for validity.
    • We provide cordial and prompt customer-facing communication.
    • We issue exemption certificates to your suppliers for tax-free purchases.
  • Ryan’s service is powered by Technology
    • We use our proprietary exemption certificate management (ECM) software, ControlPoint, as a centralized electronic repository for certificates. The solution enables us to automate your process for requesting, collecting, and validating exemption certificates.
    • ControlPoint’s reporting capabilities provide robust audit support for our customers.
  • Streamline the ECM process, mitigate audit exposure, and save time and cost
    • We proactively track expirations and manage renewals based on statutory periods or a client’s refresh policy.
  • Solve tough business problems
    • Review and validate your historical certificate backlog
    • Refresh exemption certificates for all your tax-exempt customers
    • Manage expirations and renewals of exemptions
    • Collect new customer exemption documents during onboarding
    • Centralize and control issuance of exemption certificates to your suppliers

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