Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate Software

ControlPoint is a cloud solution that automates the exemption certificate compliance workflows for collection of customer exemption certificates and issuance of certificates to vendors for exempt purchases in the United States and Canada. The solution can be used as a standalone tool or integrated in “real-time” with billing, ERP systems, E-commerce platforms, and tax calculation and reporting solutions.

Making Tax-Exempt Sales to Your Customers?

  • Send letters requesting certificates from your tax-exempt customers
  • Customers author or upload certificates directly into a secure submission portal
  • Customer responses appear automatically in the review queue
  • Reply directly to customers noting reasons for not accepting a certificate
  • Automatically track expiring certificates and request renewals
  • Easily report and export certificates to respond to audit requests

Buying Tax-Exempt Goods and Services?

  • Create and issue any exemption document to your vendors
  • Easily distribute state-issued forms to multiple vendors (e.g., direct pay permits, manufacturing exemption, etc.)
  • Reissue forms upon request

Comprehensive Exemption Forms Library

  • Hundreds of state and local forms for the U.S. and Canada
  • Covers various exemption types such as resale, manufacturing, exempt organizations, telecommunications, government, and other exemption types

Powerful Reporting

  • Robust reporting for managing invalid, expired, and missing certificates
  • Generate auditor pick list reports with a push of a button

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